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Joel Severe Wiki
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Guy With Pen Name "J. Severe"


August 18, 2009


Creative, Entertainment, Intensity, Humor, Cartoonology

Authorized Editors:

J. Severe, Random Kid, Random Girl, Jordan, Ashley

This Wiki is Rated...

PG rating

PG by the IRAA (Internet Rating Association of America) for stories containing sequences of intense action violence, mild language, and some disturbing content.

Welcome to Joel Severe Wiki, which features J. Severe's original character Joel Severe, and related works. Read the funny, action-packed, and heartwarming stories of his adventures, as well as those of others. Feel like reading something else? Check out the articles about cartoons, movies, and other subjects! Want to pick up your mouse and join in? Don't be shy to write your own tales! Well, what 'cha waiting for - cheat codes for Halo 3?! Go and explore!


Urgent messages!

  • Wikia has decided to change the outlook of all wikis, including this one! So thus, Monaco (the one we are familiar with) shall be exterminated and replaced with... Oasis!... O_O This has caused some disturbances in the Wikia universe, and has even prompted some to create the A.W.A.! Now, we here at JSW will have to adjust to the outlook, having to give the wiki a brand-new look. So if the wiki looks completely weird when you come, don't grab a machine gun and hunt down the Head of Wikia. For more info, check out this blog.
  • The leaders of JSW and SIW are suggesting a merge to unite the two wikis into one. Check out the blog about it.
  • Breaking News! It turns out that Hatred6/7/8 (see two messages below) is actually no other than... *sheds tear*... SpongeWriter's Sister! O_O! Yes, it is true! What's more, the fiend actually tricked Wikia into blocking SpongeWriter for all eternity. Why would she do such a thing? Well, it was out of a fit of jealousy for her sibling. What's more, now SHE wants to replace SpongeWriter as an editor! *shakes fist in anger* Now it seems that both editors on JSW and SIW will have to work together to both thwart the Sister and save SpongeWriter before it's too later! The Web War sparks again as the fate of the world hangs in the balance!!!
  • It turns out that N. Brian is actually A. Louis in disguise! Yes, I know this is shocking. See N. Brian's talk page on SIW for how Random Kid busted him!
  • An unregistered contributor who has assumed the role of "Hatred6" attacked both wikis with waves of vandalism. After being blocked, he returned with multiple other accounts (kind of like how A. Louis did) to cause more trouble! The damage was so great that some of the Wikia staff came and assisted in the clean-up. The Head of Wikia has been contacted and Hatred6 was never heard from again. (Nor has his pseudonyms Hatred7, Hatred8, etc)

Da Rules!

'Tis the Internet Law! I bet you're thinking: "Hey, who died and made this guy king?" Well I say "Who died and made you a criticizer?" Ka-ching!

It pains me to have to be "strict" on my website but I have to have rules.

Rule #1: No one (and I mean no one) edits this wiki without my permission. It's called "Joel Severe Wiki", is your name Joel Severe? No, it is not. My name is J. Severe, very close. But I created it, and I need to make sure who is editing and who is not. And if for some reason you DO edit, on your talk page it'll say "feel free to edit" or "leave a message on my talk page if I can help with anything" and that I put that. Well I didn't! They just automatically put that there with my name on it. So by no means do I encourage this unauthorized editing!

Rule #2: No profanity or inappropriate content. We, I actually, try to keep this a family-friendly wiki. That means everything has to be "G" rated. Some other wikis (like Uncyclopedia) are trying to turn people into cursing, violent freaks but I am actually trying to provide a humorous and educational experience here at Joel Severe Wiki. Violence is only used to describe intense battles/wars or for reasonable humorous purposes and whatnot.

Rule #3: Be Nice or Be Banned. There are some fools in this country that think the only way to settle a disagreement is to battle it out. Some smart people (*cough*  Me *cough*) think we can solve it in a civil manner. So if you have an issue with another editor - which you shouldn't if you read Rule #1 - just talk it out, and don't track them down and stab them to death with a bloody knife. Don't curse them out either, or you'll be banned. And no trying to get anyone's personal information. That's why I don't use my real name. As a matter of fact, my pen name is J. Severe. Which means if any foolish kidnappers DARE to capture Joel Severe, they'll be capturing nothing! Mwah ha ha! Eat that, online predators!

Rule #4: There is no rule #4.

Rule #5: I said there's no more rules!


Rule #7: That's it. (grabs gun)

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